Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Burgers: My Absolute Most Favorite Food

     Burgers may not be much on the healthy side, but  they are devilishly delicious. Now the cold days are slowly tip-toeing away, and it feels as if spring may make an early appearance.  To me the beginning of spring is a nostalgic time. I reminisce of mom's spring cleaning, which she took rather seriously. If you made a mess it was either clean fast or flee the scene. The baseball games and of course the sound of people rolling their grills out of their sheds where they spent the winter hibernating. This was my favorite part. People went from eating pasta and casseroles to grilled chicken and burgers. A sort of seasonal change.
     I can personally stand outside and grill for hours. One of my favorite chefs, is Iron Chef Bobby Flay, who aside from being a renowned restaurateur is a grilling expert/burger aficionado. He has a cookbook dedicated solely to burgers, fries, and shakes! Reading this taught me the fundamentals of making a good burger. Let's face it, burgers are huge now. The various food channels are flooded with episodes dedicated to the humble burger. Take a walk around and I bet you may come across a new burger spot, they are popping up everywhere, all with their take on this American classic.                                                    
"Pig-Out Burger" Bucu  Burger Bar/Bakery -Paramus NJ

     I have traveled for good burgers, lucky for me Bergen County as well as New York City are loaded with good burger joints. Manhattan has the famous Shake Shack, which serves up some really good burgers, and  they also make their own beer! Pop Burger  is another favorite among Manhattan's burger lovers. Pop burger combines a trendy New York lounge setting with their signature burgers, it's great for a late night bite.  Believe it or not Jersey is host to many of it's own famous burger spots, from the White Manna in Hackensack, over to Bobby's Burger Palace in Paramus  I have not made it to Dyer's in Memphis TN for one of their famous deep fried burgers but I can assure you it's on my list. 
     In honor of the approaching grilling season I am dedicating my next few posts to the ever evolving burger. I will be going out and trying new spots and giving you guys some feedback, as well as looking back at some of my all time favorites burger joints. Last but not least I can't forget the recipes. I will be posting some of my own tasty creations for you to try out. I'm heading to the kitchen now to get started on these scrumptious creations so make sure to check back soon, I guarantee you don't want to miss them! In the meantime feel free to drop any questions you may have about burgers, whether you need a recommendation on a particular place, or you need a certain recipe idea, I will be more than happy to assist! 'Till Then, Happy Eating!!!

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